DJ Certificate Custom Producer

Mucho Ruido Academy invites you to train as a DJ Producer where you will learning all that the information that the two courses pertaining to Professional DJ and music production with Ableton Live or Logic Pro X, offers you.


With the integration of these two courses you will be able to control all the creation of your music during the practical classes that you will have from the first day.

You will also enhance your ideas to compose and perform a great variety of sounds, effects and techniques that will help you mold a personalized style in order to specify your musical creativity.

The DJ profession is a new world for you, and therefore, it is constantly evolving, that is why we consider it essential to give a solid training to our students, which does not end once the course is finished.

With this intensive course you will be able to get involved with everything that has to do with the world of Djing, as well as with music production, focused on playing and making quality music.

The course provides the necessary notions to learn in a short time:

  • How the current tools used by DJs works.
  • What are the methods used for mixing: technique and precision.
  • What are the cutting edge software.
  • What are the basics for organizing a session.
  • How to cope and face the public in your presentations as a DJ.
  • What are the promotion keys to guarantee professional success as a DJ.
  • Musical production.
  • Music production tools.
  • Most common computer applications (software) in production studios.
  • Physical devices (hardware): sound cards, MIDI controller, modules, among others.

The course is completely personalized so that each student can learn regardless of the musical genre of her preference. We will give you all the tools and teach you how to use them to be a DJ / Producer.

During this course you will become familiar with all the tools that are needed to work in depth on musical production:

  • Digital Audio: Editing and Arranging
  • Audio loops: loops Drum
  • Machine Programming
  • Virtual instruments
  • Various synthesizers
  • Effects and their different ways to use.

In addition to relating to the basic and essential knowledge for musical composition (audio synthesis, processes, mixing and mastering), you will work with two of the best audio programs on the market Ableton Live or Logic Pro X (depending on which software you choose to learn).

You will learn how to use the creation tools music in a complete and advanced way. At the end of the course you will receive our digital DJ / Producer certificate for your participation.



  • DJ:
    ○ History of the DJ and current environment
    ○ Electronic music genres and other genres
    ○ Types of DJ: Mobile, Resident vs. Guest, Radio, etc.
    ○ CDJ NXS2 – CDJ 3000 – DJM 900NXS2
    ○ Controller, monitors and headphones
    ○ Internal and external connections.
    ○ Intensity, tone, timbre | Analog and digital
    ○ Bars
    ○ Structures, phrases, Drop
    ○ BPM
    ○ Rhythms.
    ○ How to balance times
    ○ Cue points on CDJ and first beat
    ○ Traktor Pro
    ○ Serato
    ○ Rekordbox
    ○ Creative and harmonic mixing.
    ○ Equalization applied to DJing
    ○ Filters
    ○ Effects and creative use for your sets.
    ○ Development of a session: Warm up and pick hours
    ○ How to organize and make your music playlists
    ○ Dj psychology on the dance floor.
    ○ Music industry
    ○ Electronic scene and the other scene types.
    ○ Social networks and promotion (Demos / Podcast / Streaming)
    ○ Define your style
    ○ How to make your music Playlist for your sets.
    ○ MIDI & Audio
    ○ Audio interface
    ○ Ableton Live or Logic Pro X settings (depending on which software you choose to learn)
    ○ Devices, percussion, library and more
    ○ Global quantification
    ○ Create an arrangement
    ○ Audio scan
    ○ Realization of Audio Warp
    ○ Audio recording
    ○ Audio and MIDI effects
    ○ MIDI mapping
    ○ Automations
    ○ Audio to MIDI conversion
    ○ File management
    ○ Troubleshooting
    ○ Basic mixing techniques in your production
    ○ Carrying out a track with all the tools learned
    ○ Editing for the topics of your sessions
    ○ Advice to acquire your equipment for your home-studio. 


    The objective of Mucho Ruido Academy with the DJ / Producer course is to provide the student with the broader knowledge about the process of mixing and producing electronic music, and other musical genres, through a methodology based on the experience and track record of its instructors, who have an exclusive progressive learning system. Work on musical creation from the approach of rhythmic, tonal, melodic composition, the selection of sounds and instruments, sound creation tools (synthesizers), techniques of process and make your mix. In addition, how to master the use of these tools according to their aesthetic artistic use and the sound or mastering ending.IV. COURSE DURATION:

    The course consists of two face-to-face classes a week of 2 hours each to facilitate student learning, most of which are practical sessions attended by highly experienced instructors in the field of production and teaching.

    The course consists of 56 academic hours:

    The basic, advanced, professional level lasts three and a half months.


    For the convenience of our students, classes will be held from Monday to Saturday at the following times:

    Group AM: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm.
    Group PM1: 1:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m.
    Group PM2: 4:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
    Saturday PM: 2:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m.


    Age: To be older than 16.

    Materials: Mucho Ruido Academy facilities have all the necessary material to complete the different courses we offer.

    The student has to bring his USB-Pendrive, laptop with the two software that he will use in his course, Serato or Traktor (for the DJ version) Ableton Live or Logic Pro X (for the music production part) downloaded. Plus your headphones.


    1. Fill out the registration form that we publish on the website.
    2. Our work team will call you to make an appointment prior to the start of classes.
    3. At the appointment we will show you our facilities, the class syllabus and we will clarify all the doubts you have.

    Do not lose this opportunity!

    It is your moment to capture your ideas, mix, edit, and create your own tracks.

Do not lose this opportunity!

It's your time to capture your ideas, mix, edit, and create your own tracks.