MUCHO RUIDO ACADEMY FINANCIAL AND REIMBURSEMENT POLICIES:  The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and clarity on responsibility.  student staff for fees and the Mucho Academy approach to  reductions or refunds. Here you can get all the details about the way in which  they will be calculated in the event that students withdraw or suspend their  studies for any reason, after completing the initial registration.  This policy relates to the student’s personal responsibility for the rates of  tuition, regardless of the source of funding. However, when it is done  reference to refunds, these only relate to the portion of the tuition fee  which directly pays the student or a private sponsor.  Reimbursements for withdrawals made within the “Cooling” period, and in accordance  With the procedure at Mucho Ruido Academy, they are automatic.  All other requests for refunds or reductions must be made in writing to  Mucho Ruido Academy and will be considered by Mucho Ruido Entertainment Corp.


All refunds or rate-related reductions are at the sole discretion of the  Mucho Ruido Academy team.  For the avoidance of doubt, this policy may be modified without prior notice, according to the  Day to day dynamics. Updates will be available at all times for  students.


REGISTRATION FEES:  The registration fee for each course can be found on the “Registration” page of the  chosen course.  Students who wish to study a practical course must pay the registration fee  at least to ensure your place in the chosen course.  Those who directly request their quota through Mucho Ruido Academy to study  One of the courses must also pay a registration fee. The registration fee is  will use for the payment of the tuition.  If a student has paid the registration fee and wishes to pay the remainder of the course, the  Balance must be received no later than three (3) days before the beginning of the student’s course.


LATE PAYMENTS  If the course payment is not received (either as a fee or other payment) before the date of  Due, Mucho Ruido Academy reserves the right to cancel the course (s)  directly relevant or suspend your right to attend until said payment (s) is  accomplished.  * Repeated late payments may result in termination of applicable courses



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