Ernesto Parra

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Instructor: Ernesto Parra Aka. SOCKO

For those who know him in the world of electronic music, the radio and entertainment industry this renowned DJ, Advisor, Music Producer and Announcer, “SOCKO”, is synonymous with talent and experience with a trajectory that, for more than 35 Years of uninterrupted career, make him an artist behind the decks without limits. @ Sockodj is an emblematic character of an era when it was thought that it was impossible to give input to the concept of electronic music in his native country, Venezuela.

Socko is also recognized for having founded and thus contribute as one of the extensions of his artistic and musical collective the Apostle Dj School with his Master Session chair; a progressive methodological learning procedure in which he gives advice such as personal coaching for the personal improvement and learning of musicians, DJs and amateur applicants who wish to improve techniques, their growth levels in this special skills career and in which they keep constantly updating its graduates for the satisfaction of those who come to their consultants, in the knowledge that translates to what has been their career today for more than 35 years to teach and teach their techniques and knowledge to recognized talents that they have formed and will continue to train For the rest of the world.