We understand and feel the crucial moment that the whole world is experiencing, we feel the concern of all the people who have taken pains in their courses and workshops, but instead of seeing the obstacle we invite you to see the opportunities in these new challenges that we have had to take on.

At Mucho Ruido Academy we remain determined to see the opportunities and our commitment is to create possibilities for our students to be affected what least possible in the face of the crisis the planet is experiencing.

Currently we reinvent ourselves in the evaluation, learning and teaching processes in order to provide you with the best. Our admission team is open as usual, available to provide you all the support you need and answer your questions and suggestions, for this we have arranged email: or calling us at 1- 954.515.2994.

Circumstances do not allow us to offer an exact date to restore normality of our classes, but while this is happening we are determined to bring you the best of us through digital platforms that have opened a window to get closer. In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to join in like the rest of nearby cities, to this quarantine and social distancing in order to protect and protect life.

Hence, the digital platform is the most immediate option to continue sharing with you all our knowledge as always with the best disposition, through online school, an end to transformation, personal teaching and interaction with groups of online seminars and peers as well as providing regular updates via email and on our website.

Likewise, we invite you to take precautions, safety and hygiene regulations in order to protect each other, the life of one is the life of all. Stay home It should be the opportunity that drives us to bring out the best in ourselves, to grow in the face of adversity, we use time and space to believe, create and materialize the dream possible. From Mucho Ruido Academy we hug you in the distance, confident that soon We can celebrate life with music that we are passionate about and makes us vibrate.